What diaper size does my child need?

A child's weight is decisive for the diaper size. Here's an overview of the different diaper sizes and the recommended weight a child has to be per diaper size.

Diaper sizes

In this article we'll try to explain which diaper size will suit your child best. Diaper sizes depend on the weight of your child and the diaper brand you choose. The diaper sizes range from 0 to 6 which represent weights from 1 to 37lb. This size classing is different per diaper type, however. 

There are a few different size classes:
- Size 1 (8 - 14 lb.)
- Size 2 (12 - 18 lb.)
- Size 3 (16 - 28 lb.)
- Size 4 (22 - 37 lb.)
- Size 5 (0 - 27 lb.)
- Size 6 (0 - 35 lb.)

As you can see, the sizes do vary quite a bit per weight class. Keep this in mind when picking a diaper for your baby.

Baby weight

A baby's weight determines the diaper size. But how does a baby grow during its first year? At birth, the average baby weighs between 5.5 and 11lb.

The graph below shows the average weight of a baby in the first twelve months after birth. We've added horizontal lines, so you can see what size you need per age range. The horizontal lines indicate the minimum weight for the diaper.

Diaper size graph

As you can see, a baby's birth weight usually triples in the first year of life. That means you'll have to change the diaper size quite often. Do keep in mind, however, that every child is different. So how often you need to change the diaper size really depends on your baby's growth.

Weight of toddlers

This graph shows the average weights of toddlers. We have added horizontal lines for the diaper sizes.

Toddler weight graph

Different child, different diaper

Of course, not every baby grows the same way. Sometimes the torso is a bit longer, sometimes it's the legs. Sometimes the baby's bum is larger, sometimes smaller. This could also influence what diaper your child needs. For example, a bigger bum usually means a larger diaper is needed. If the baby has a wider waist, this will generally also be the case.

We hope we've given you a good idea of how the diaper sizes work and of how often you should change the diaper size so your child will always wear his or her diaper comfortably.

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What diaper size does my child need?

A child's weight is decisive for the diaper size. Here's an overview of the different diaper sizes and the recommended weight a child has to be.

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