About Diaperinfo.net

Diaperinfo.net is started in 2018 by two young parents. Our goal is to inform (young) parents about:

Expensive diapers?

Before our children were born we heard from family and friends that having children is very expensive. We understood what they meant when our children were born. What struck us most was how many diapers a baby uses, and how expensive diapers are!

Fortunately, there are promotions on diapers! Only often just not at the supermarket where we came.

We searched for a website that has all the offers from different stores. Unfortunately, we couldn't find one.

We thought that more people would find this handy and helpful. That's why we started Diaperinfo.net. Diaperinfo finds the latest deals from different brands and stores. On our deals page, you'll find the latest deals.

We hope that Diaperinfo.net helps you to find the latest deals online!