How to change a diaper in 10 easy steps

Changing a diaper sounds pretty easy right? When your child has a dirty diaper, you lay him/her down and change the diaper. But changing a diaper for the first couple of times isn’t that easy! That is why we set some guidelines to change a diaper in 10 easy steps.

Preparing the diaper change

1 Clean your hands

The first thing to do is to make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Wash them or clean them with some kind of sanitizer. A baby wipe will also do the work.

2 Warm and clean area

Make sure there is a warm and clean area to change your baby. If you don’t have a changing table by hand, a blanket, towel or changing mat on the floor or bed also works.

3 Everything ready

Make sure you’ve got everything standing by a clean diaper and enough wipes and some clean clothes for your baby.

4 Rash cream

If you notice your baby is prone to diaper rash, make sure you’ve got rash cream on hand the next time you change your baby’s diaper.


Make sure to keep one hand on your baby whatever at all times and certainly don’t turn your back on them. Babies can suddenly move or roll and fall off faster then you might think.

Changing the diaper

If you stick to the following 10 steps, the diaper change shouldn’t be that hard.

1 Open a new diaper

First thing to do is opening up a new clean diaper and place the back half (the half with tabs on both sides) under your baby. The top of the back half should come up to your baby's waist. Now the clean diaper is ready to be deployed, you can take off the dirty one.

2 Open used diaper

Unfasten the tabs of the dirty diaper. Fold them over to prevent the tabs sticking to your baby.

3 Start removing the dirty diaper

Pull down the front half of the dirty diaper. If your baby is a boy, it’s smart to make sure that he doesn’t pee on any of you by covering the front part with a towel. There may be poop on the dirty diaper. If so, use the half front of the dirty diaper to wipe it away.

4 Lift up your baby

Fold the dirty diaper under your baby, making sure the clean side is up. To do so, lift your baby’s bottom of the surface by grasping both ankles with one hand and gently lifting him/her up.

5 Clean your baby

Clean your baby’s front with a damp baby wipe or cloth. If your baby pooped, take another wipe and clean up (don’t be shy to use a lot of baby wipes). Don’t forget to also clean the creases of your baby’s thighs and buttocks. If you have a baby girl, make sure to wipe from front to back. This helps to prevent the baby from an infection.

6 Drying the baby

Let your baby’s skin dry for a few minutes or pat it try with a cloth. To prevent or treat diaper rash, use apply rash cream.

7 Remove the used diaper

Now it’s time to remove the dirty diaper and preferably throw it in a diaper bucket. Now you can apply the clean one that you already put under your baby during step 1.

8 Applying a clean diaper

Pull the front half up to your baby’s belly. Again, if your baby is a boy, make sure to prevent him from peeing on the top of the diaper. Make sure the part of the diaper between your baby’s legs is spread wide to prevent discomfort. Fasten the diaper on both sides with the tabs.

9 Final diaper check!

Make sure it’s not too wide and not too tight. The diaper should be just right to contain pee and poo but shouldn’t be too tight as this may cause discomfort to your baby.

10 Put on clothes

Now it’s time to put on your baby’s clothes again! :)

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